About Us

The general purpose of the Mount Vernon Area Arts Council (MVAAC) is to increase the knowledge, understanding, cooperation, appreciation and practice of the arts within the Mount Vernon-Lisbon area. The functions and efforts of MVAAC can be described as follows:

  • To promote and support the Arts
  • To promote Arts resources through a variety of educational programs and events
  • To develop and maintain suitable artistic programs
  • To serve the citizens of Mount Vernon by assisting and interacting with other nonprofits and public service agencies to promote the arts in local schools and colleges as well as the community

The specific purposes of the MVAAC include:

  •  Serve as an organizational base for volunteers who support the Arts in the Mount Vernon area
  • Help raise funds for designated projects as determined by the Board of Directors
  •  Serve as a vehicle for community involvement in the Arts
  •  Foster and coordinate programs and projects in all art forms so that they are more visible and accessible to the community

MVAAC’s two annual community events are Chalk the Walk, Iowa’s largest Mondonnari festival on the first weekend in May and the Lincoln Highway Arts Festival in September. MVAAC embarked on a mural project in 2016-17, this project was completed in June 2017.  The mural is located at the lower parking lot retaining wall south of Main Street, between Highway 1 and 2 nd Ave.  (http://mvaac.org/mural-project/)

If you’d like to work with the Mount Vernon Area Arts Council or learn more, please email mvartcouncil@gmail.com.

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